Thursday, March 26, 2015

nobody will do it for you EXCEPT YOU !!

Remember that people, nobody will do it for you except you!  For those of you looking for success in your field, occupation or art, remember, nobody will do it for you except for yourself.  Take the time to learn your skill/trade in school or on your own.  The common denominator for all the successful people in the world is that they're all self motivating.  If you're young and going into the workplace, the workplace will not teach you skills, they only give you a place where you can gain experience, they expect you to come into their job with some sort've skill and then dazzle everyone with your talent.  Or maybe you're seasoned professional and you want to change your line of work!  Either way, don't expect to come into a new project and think everyone is going to roll over for you.  You have to put the leg work in.  Also, don't be detoured by a timeframe, Rome wasn't built in a day!  For instance, if you want to learn conversational French, it takes time, practice & patience, that goes the same with any trade.  Some of you are probably asking yourselves will the payoff be worth when you're done, absolutely, you just have to believe in yourself enough to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Charlie Ballard Movie Poster !!


Heres the movie poster of the very first film I starred in a couple years ago, "All The Others Were Practice" !!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Power Fundraising

Being in the fundraising field, I've learned who the elite fundraisers are!

Here they are in no particular order:

- Power to the People:  One person who donates $5 to a cause will not make much of a difference but when you get a couple thousand people or more who all believe in the same cause than we're talking some serious cash.

- Professional Athletes:   Are limited because they make their money from endorsements and salary which they usually keep for themselves.  Pro athletes are best used if you have a event and attach their name for promotion, they will help draw people with money.

- High Profile Celebrities:   Are also limited in personal funds but they can raise a lot of money if they have a big name. (i.e. Robin Williams & Comic Relief)  High profile celebrities who band together can do a lot for a cause.

- Corporate:   The Big Fish, these are the people who can make a huge difference with the stroke of a pen, for example, very recently Google. Inc. donated 2 Million to 4 charities in the Bay Area, 500K each.

- Individual:   There once was a lady in the Bay Area who sold all of her belongings to feed the homeless.  With the money raised, she was able to set up a pop up soup kitchen enough to feed the homeless for one day.

- Panhandling:    Most people don't like to give money to the homeless because they don't want to support their drug habits so if you don't want to give money, you can also give away food or buy a person coffee. (philanthropy is the art of giving no matter how great or small)

The point of this blog was not to compare who gives more or less, the point is to just give.


Sunday, March 15, 2015


Its mid March and I'm feeling a ton better than last month.

In February I picked up this weird super flu that had been circulating the Bay Area this past Winter.

I did lose a some weight from it and now that I've been feeling better, I somehow managed to gain that weight back. #lucky #me

Yesterday, we had a heat wave that hit the Bay Area and it got up to 84 degrees.  Oh my lord, I can't believe we had a mini heatwave in the Bay Area and we just got back from the last cold snowy weather in New York.  And whats crazy, I really loved the snowy cold weather of NYC, thats the Tauras in me talking, Taurases love the cold.

When we were in NYC, I just really loved walking around the NY in my big thick faux fur coat from Goodwill, it just made me feel expensive, smart, classy & chic. (that coat was one of the best finds of my life)

I don't know, just being in NY wearing that coat gave me a sense of glamour.  When I saw other women rocking their fur, it just felt like they were my brethren.

Heres my fur coat that I picked up in SF, isn't it gorge!

My travel buddy for this trip was my mom!  NYC is her favorite place to visit too!  My mom was a trooper on this trip, as I was getting over the flu, she caught it from me and was battling the same symptoms during our outing.  But gee whiz, with all the hustle & bustle going in NYC, I'm sure there were times that she forgot she was sick and enjoyed herself!  We took this photo of her on the NYC Watertaxi under the Brooklyn Bridge, this is definitely one of the best photos shes ever taken, its so artsy, just like her son!

The main reason why I wanted to visit NYC in March was to check out Margaret Cho's comedy taping at the Gramercy Theater!  I've never been to one of her tapings and this time it was quite an affair.  From a comic standpoint, I was really impressed with her material, I've seen this show evolve from the beginning and she turned it up for this one.  While watching her perform, I just kept thinking to myself, "Wow, I am never going to be that funny" .  And then, somehow I ended up dancing in the finale of the 2nd show.  WTF, how'd that just happen?  I'm very sure her NYC crowd was not expecting that, nor was I.  We'll see if my little dance makes into her comedy taping, maybe, maybe not, but one thing was for sure, it was fun to do.

One of my best memories visiting #NYC was the #911 #Memorial in Ground Zero.  That monument was very moving & emotional, not just for me, but for a lot of other people who were walking around it too.  In the place of the twin towers were waterfalls and there were really beautiful.  At the top of the waterfalls were the names of all the people associated with the event, we saw flowers left for the victims and one really amazing rainbow from the waterfall mist, for me the rainbow represented hope.

I heart #NYC !!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Todays Top 9 !!!!

Today I'm feeling juicy & creative and here are some of the people who help inspire all that goodness!

My current Top 9 in my Facebook Friends box:
Margaret Cho - Delicious Diva!
Beverly John Cabral - Fantastical Auntie!
Beulah John - Git R' Done Virgo!
Joe Castiglione - Fabulous Designer!!
Simon Timony - My Gay Husband
Jesús U. BettaWork - Gay Essence!
Zoe Friday - Tiger Lady!
Leandra Galindo - Wichita Wrangler!
Joshua Grannell - Drag Chanteuse

Work Ethic

My mom posted this great meme to my Facebook wall which I just had to share with everyone!

Which is exactly how I've felt these past couple of weeks!  In mid February I got hit with some kind of super flu that apparently lasts about a month, at least thats what the ER nurse told me.  My symptoms were relentless.

So before going to the ER, I recently had two #HellaGayComedy shows scheduled and I totally got thru it!  Never were those words above more truer for me than these past couple of weeks.

I'm 100% certain that I get my hustle skill from my mom.  I'm so lucky to have a Virgo for a mom and in case you didn't know, Virgo's are the hardest working signs out of the whole wheel.

My brother also picked up my moms hustle skill too.  When my brother was younger, he was very good at sales!

So to all the movers & shakers out there, go on with your bad self!


Monday, February 23, 2015

Green Eye

Every now & then I have to let my green eye show because it keeps me grounded, it reminds me of what I have and what I don't have, and sometimes it helps me grow if I can somehow get it out of my system.

Theres a National comic coming to SF to perform and hes having a pretty good career.  To be honest, I don't really follow his act because he doesn't do it for but that shouldn't suggest he isn't good because he is, he just not someone who I idolize.

So heres my beef, I did an industry showcase with this comic back in 2005 and he got pulled for the final showcase, where as I, like other comics on the showcase didn't get pick & got dusted.

From that point on, he started popping up more in the biz and he got some pretty great career opportunities.

I couldn't help but wonder if I got pulled for the final showcase if I would have gotten the same opportunities, you know, the shoulda, coulda, woulda's - probably not.

I'm not trying to sound negative but selling myself as a queer Native comedian in the 00's didn't get me very far, the mainstream network executives just didn't bite.

And thats when my talent threshold/ego took its first hit.  I kept telling myself to forge ahead and that I'll get the right opportunities.

Somewhere in 2007 I got my date with destiny and filmed my first stand up for the LOGO.  My comedy clip originally got cut from the first 8 episodes and it got put into a special.  (I got this opportunity because I went looking for it, I pro-actively searched for it and sold my act to the right people)

There is where I began to pick my own fate.  My real fame came from downloading my LOGO podcast onto my youtube channel and my video went viral within the Native American online communities.

That clip also got me booked on America's Got Talent but what I didn't know was that I was being brought in to get boo'ed down.

In the mean time, I kept hustling for gigs and did all my own promo because no talent agency would sign me on.

Although I did get one response from a major agency in L.A. and I quote, "there is a market but for the right Gay Native American comedian" .

In short, it wasn't me.

While this was all happening, I didn't let it get to me.  I kept writing and did my some of my best stand up from 2008 - 2011 !!

And now, I think all the rejection has taken its toll on me because I don't write and perform like I use to.

I thought the craft would've gotten easier over time but its still very challenging, at least for me, writing jokes takes a certain finesse and it takes a lot of work to get it going.

And then, last year I turned into a Drag Comedian.  I really have no idea where that came from.  It just sort've happened.

Getting back to that guy who went on to have a real career and others like him.  I'm going to bet his material got stronger because of his opportunities, he had bigger reasons to write for, hence more motivation to write.  Meanwhile, I kept writing for the same indifferent low life degenerate open mic crowds, its kind of hard to find your following when the most interesting thing to an open mic crowd is the bathroom code on the open mic sign up sheet.

And oh yeah, when this comic did some surprise appearances around the Bay, my peers flipped out when they saw him working out an open mics in SF.

But yet, these muthaf*cka's get me every night and I've proven myself to them on stage, night after night, no respect.  I get no love because I'm a faggot comedian, the same dismissive attitude I received from those network talent execs.

I actually remember getting irate with this comedy open mic booker because he touted himself on running a shit room and he always bragged no one had ever done well on his stage, and thats when I flashed him and said, "you must not be talking about me because I know I did some pretty phenomenal things on your stage" , of course he didn't have shit to say back because he knew I was right.

Can I put the demise of my success on my sexuality, absolutely.  Gay Marriage because didn't become a National debate until 2004, which is when I started comedy.  So the idea of anything gay in the mainstream wasn't going to happen anytime soon.  The mainstream consciousness was still getting use of anything Gay i.e. Will and Grace. (gay film/television propaganda) And plus the usual hetero assholes leaving during my sets was another indicator of the political mood.

I did a radio interview for an older Native friend a while back and she called me a trailblazer.  She was so right.  So this is what it feels like to be trailblazer, its sucks.  I would've hoped my trailblazing skill would've gotten me a lot more work.

Well, with all the bullshit that I've been thru I should just walk away but I can't.  I've been doing this comedy job for 12 years and I'm no quitter.  And plus, as it turned out, I'm kind of good at this too.

I think whats made me so thick skinned for this business is my rejection junkie skill.  I know when I get rejected, its not the end of the world.  I will always have many many positive reasons to keep forging a head, I just have to sit down, write jokes, make a game plan and enact it, the rest will take care of itself.

And plus this psychic lady also said that I would make it but its going to take a while, so until then I remain in repose, just like these ballerina's below, so talented and waiting to put on a great show.